Barack Obama and March Madness [ESPN]

You know what I really like Barack Obama as a man, I think the guy is just awesome and America should be pride and lucky to have a President like him who is so natural and so down to earth. I mean I was watching the latest ESPN NCAA report on my laptop last night and I was just amaze to see the most powerful man on the planet, talking with a journalist in the White House Map Room and filling is own NCAA bracket before the March Madness begin.

I mean, the man is really like you and me, you know, a modern man never too far from keeping up with everything, like the latest college basketball injury updates, the depth issues of Oklahoma, the strong finish by Florida State and the late entry into the NCAA tournament by Arizona.

And amazingly, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert Gates were holding meetings nearby, and a state dinner with Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen to come (according to ESPN) , The US President slipped down to the Map Room to break down his own bracket and he proved to be as educated and knowledgeable as those who make this for a living.

Barack Obama pick for the 2009 Finals Four : Louisville, Memphis, UNC and PITT

The US President will spend the next few weeks in Europe for the NATO Summit in France then will visit England, Germany and Czech Republic, quite a busy schedule but nevertheless he is already planning on watching most of the game on Air Force one at a pretty late time, around 2 in the morning, or just on checking the scores.

Coming back to his final prediction, the president had Louisville beating old rival Memphis in one semifinal and North Carolina outlasting PITT in the other.

And like many of us, the most powerful person in the world predicts the Tar Heels will be cutting down the nets in Detroit, as the 2009 NCAA Champions.... And then he was off, with his bracket in hand, folded and ready to reference on Thursday as the first-round results come trickling in.

The report on ESPN lasted 20 minutes and it was just unreal, I mean you don't always surf on the net and expecting to see one of the world leaders doing something so usual for many of us who love basketball or sport in general, I mean the guy is just awesome, you know, and.....He is just awesome....



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