Well....2 weeks later and...

Wimbledon.... Nearly 2 weeks and Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are still on course for a third final on next Sunday, but this time you know that one of this guys will make history.
Nadal got a chance to emulate the great Bjorn Borg and become the first man in the last 28 years to do the double : Roland Garros and Wimbledon in the same year, something Federer can just dream about. On the other side Federer can become the first man to win 6 All England trophy since the open area and close the gap in Grand slam title to 13 compare to Pete Sampras 14 (7 Wimbledon).

Obviously since Spain won the Euro 2008 Championship, next Sunday final will be the main topic for the rest of the week and for the entire week-end, with media TV, newspapers and fans all over the world focus on who will be the next King of grass and probably (I'm on Nadal side...) regarded as the best tennis player today.


But take a step back and look around (media TV, newspapers....) and you will see that one thing didn't change in the past 2 weeks:

Robert Mugabe is still the President of Zimbabwe.

And the fact that most African leaders did accept his presence at the African Union summit in Egypt, and showed a soft attitude towards the criticism by observer groups of the conduct of the elections (but did not pronounce them illegitimate), tell us that Mugabe as no intention of negotiating or sharing power with whoever and under no condition.

The worst of it : The African Union made no mention of any sanctions against Mr Mugabe's government.

But the funny thing about that is that according to the BBC : "Africa's longest serving leader, Gabon President Omar Bongo, said Mr Mugabe should be accepted as the country's elected president", and most African leaders seem to agree with him.
Well no surprising from someone who is in power since 1967 (41 years) and regarded as one of the most corrupted leaders in the world, someone who rules the country like his own property and who is preparing his older son, Ali Ben Bongo, to take over one day to protect the family assets.

But when Nelson "Madiba" Mandela two weeks ago said : "We watch with sadness the continuing tragedy in Darfur. Nearer to home we have seen the outbreak of violence against fellow Africans in our own country and the tragic failure of leadership in our neighbouring Zimbabwe", the entire Zanu-PF (Mugabe politic party) task force went out to criticise a man who symbolise Peace, Freedom, Tolerance and Respect.

What an irony, isn't it?



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