3G Iphone : My personal review

For those of you who read my blog (well few of you...) I did a post last month about getting a 3G Iphone on July, 11. First I thought that I would wait a week before going to an O2 shop to get a monthly contract for £30, but I decided to try my luck and was awake at 5:00am that day to make sure to be one of the first to get the precious gadget.
Well I wasn't really lucky to be honest, around 50 people were already at O2 by 6:00am but later I went to Carphone Warehouse and finally got my 3G Iphone.

The bad new straight away was that I needed to pay £150 deposit (which I will get back in 6 month) because according to the "salesman" my credit rating was not reliable (probably a trick to raise cash...), but because of that extra expense, I went for a 8GB model (I badly wanted the 16GB in white) on a £30/month contract.

My first impression was really positive, and believe me this is a fantastic piece of technology. Surfing the net in the bus, the tube or when doing shopping is amazing and really addictive, because I moved house a week later and have to wait for BT to set up my broadband back (typical BT) I used the Iphone to surf the net home on 3G and it’s really good and quite fast, I mean I never use 3G before on my phone (too expensive) and can’t really compare, but the speed of the 3G Iphone is quite impressive sometime, and it’s free. But nothing is better than the App. Store where you can find so many useful applications to make your Iphone an amazing computer (Google app.) or game console (Monkey Ball game), I’m always checking for news applications and can wait to have the EBay one available here in UK.

The camera is quite good, I mean who really use his mobile phone to take holidays or family pictures, well not me (got a good camera for that), I took some photos last week and must admit that the quality on the Iphone screen or on my PC one are really good.
And for me who needed most of the time on my way to work to carry my mobile and my Ipod, the 3G Iphone is just awesome.

Some bad points are obviously the battery life which is really awful for a phone of that standard, I mean you have to charge it everyday if you use Internet on 3G a lot; my advice check for Wi-Fi network in shops or office and use your Wireless Internet at home. The 3G Iphone can be slow sometime, I don’t know why but checking your contacts will take more time on an Iphone that on a Nokia N95.

But overall I just love it and use it now to write new post on my blog with the Google App., which let you have access from your Iphone to most Google Products.

Yes £30/month for 75 min of call is quite expensive to be honest but I think that owning a 3G Iphone today is just priceless…..

Take care everyone



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