Focus on the next 2 weeks...

For the next 2 weeks most of the world will watch Wimbledon and follow the path of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to a third final with maybe for the first time in 5 years a different winner.
As a tennis fan, I've got a lot of admiration for Rafael Nadal and truly admire his amazing skills, mental strength and fantastic will to win every point, to me his determination to win is similar to what we saw last week with Tiger Woods, who won the US Open championship despite being injured on his knee and ankle, or to Michael Jordan during his exceptional career with the Chicago Bulls concluded by 6 rings of NBA Champion and 2 Olympic Gold Medals...

The fact today is that while most people (specially in UK) will be tuned to Wimbledon or watching the Euro football 2008, Robert Mugabe has a good chance to remain in charge of power in Zimbabwe and carry on ruining the life of an entire population with only politic and diplomacy as the main weapon to solve this genocide.

I'm quite upset with the fact that none of the African leaders (Thabo Mbeky, Omar Bongo, Abdoulaye Wade...) did stand out strongly to criticize a man who just ruin his country economically and politically and don't even seem to be bother about that as long as he can use the military force to stay in power.
If Morgan Tsvangirai (Zimbabwean opposition leader) confirms his decision to not participate in the 2nd round of the presidential election this week, this will be a disaster not just for Zimbabwe but for Africa.

The worst in that the genocide will continue.

It amaze me sometime to think that it took less than that for the French government (4 years ago) to send his army in Ivory Coast when military and ethnic trouble started to have an impact on their own economic interest, and what about Angola, Iraq, Kuwait....
While people are dying everyday and town like Harare burning, the world witnessed how an old man like Robert Mugabe can stand firm on his feet and dictate his fearful politic with the arrogance of a serial killer pointing his angry finger to Great Britain as a challenge to come over there and try, just try to stand in front of him, knowing already that nothing can touch him.

I hope Rafael Nadal win Wimbledon, it would be a fantastic reward for a young man from Majorca who despite his strong game on clay, has always said that winning Wimbledon is his Holy grail, and I believe that he deserve it.

For the rest, my thought and my pray are for the people of Zimbabwe who suffer an injustice and still keep faith in ours world leaders to make the right decision on their future, a decision which could give them hope or not.

God bless you...



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