Who is the best choice for Africa? Hillary Clinton or barak Obama...

In less than 2 month the US will start to vote to elect their next president and so far it appear that the race is more focused on the new politic sensation : Barak Obama or the old Hawk : Hillary Clinton.

My Question today is: are this two highly skilled person concern about what happen today in most African countries and the gap in term of politic and economic with the rest of the world. When I look at where my own country stand today and how nobody over there seem to be worry about the lack of everything (Health, Education level, freedom of speech, jobs, politic...) I'm quite worry myself to hear that most of the topics of the democrats debate last Saturday (in Las Vegas) were more about Irak, Iran, or Hillary Clinton herself.... It seem that for most of the American people and their politics leaders (same thing in UK) the stability of Africa as a continent and as an economic player who need help to solve many problem we all knows so well (famine, Democracy, AIDS, Education... ) is less important to them than going to war around the globe (Today in The New York Times)

Obviously they first of all try to win an election and look to have the privilege to be the next President of the United States of America which will make him or her the most powerful person on hearth... But I guess that what is important for us as African who hope that one day we would have to, the privilege to be able to live in our country in peace without the fear of politic instability is right now not the most appropriate topic to turn the caucus's polls on your favor (we should ask what John Edwards thing about that).

Anyway, my last though today on this matter is that we all should pray that the next US leader would be a democrat, George W. Bush and his republican posse did to much damage in the world in the past 7 years, and so many innocent did pay a heavy price for that.

God bless all family who lost a son, a father, a brother or a nephew in Irak and Afghanistan.
God bless all of us....



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