The Warriors (NBA Team) waive Stephane Lasme

I want to take some time this morning to talk about the successful path my dear friend Stephane Lasme took from being a basket-ball star for his team in Port-Gentil (Gabon) to be waive last Monday by the Golden State warriors, one of the most surprising NBA team of last season.

For those who didn't know him, Stephane was drafted last June on the second round (No 46) by the Warriors and sign his contract 2 month ago as a NBA player (the first Gabonese player in NBA), unfortunately he did play just 4 second since the 2007/2008 season started and the Warriors decided that they needed more size inside and to clear some space under the salary cap to sign DJ Mbenga (a former Dallas Maverick) they waived Stephane.
Meanwhile the good news for him is that most NBA analyst are pretty confident that he will land with another team before the end of the year and will have another chance to show that he belong there.

Stephane and me, we use to play ball together at the University Omar Bongo in Libreville (Gabon) when I was part of another basket-ball team, Ndzimba, as a player and as an administrator of the club, I always use to tell him that with his fantastic work ethic and great character that he will one day be part of the elite of his sport, and I should say that I'm proud of him as I always was (hope you can have a look at my Blog...) and many people home look at him today as a model and tell his story all around the place on how he did it...

If you read this Stephane, I want you to know that the all crew from LBV are proud of you, Tommy, Fanga, Assoumou, Faba, Le grand Ahmed Taofiki (New York) and all the fan'club of CAPO.....

God bless you my friend....


November 26, 2007 at 4:49 AM ahmed taofik said...

hey pat, it's ahmed.
i heard about lasme being waived by the warriors. i think that golden states made a big mistake by waiving him. i watched Mbenga's play, and as a basketball player my self, i think lasme is better.(better hustle player, with a high basketball IQ). for instance i watched Mbenga first Game against the knicks. this 7 Footer missed a wide open dunk during a fast break. do you think lasme will miss that? no, and everybody who knows him from Libreville to boston will tell the same answer. he might end up somewhere before the end of this season. a lot of teams are struggling right now, and they need valuable role player. he might end up with a better team.(probably boston because they love him in massachussett. anyway Lasme we all behind you man. and pat i'm glad to hear from you. keep up the good work.
your friend ahmed taofik(new york)


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