Wade 2010 or Nike Zoom "Kobe" IV: Which one would you get?

Two years ago I wrote a post about which sneakers I would choose between the Lebron V and the Jordan XXIII (both shoes at the time were costing over $150) and if you remember my choice went to the latest Jordan Brand product, at the time, and without any hesitation.

Some of you know that I'm nuts about sneakers and collect some of them, Air Force 1, Wade 1 (the Converse model), TMac models from his Magics days, and some vintage Air Jordan models.
Jordan Sneakers have always been my favourite and I'm lucky to have some vintage models at home, like the XIII in black, hidden in the cleaning cabinet under the stairs, or the Jordan XIVII, low model and North Carolina Edition, packed in their original box somewhere in the attic (don't laugh, true story).

My lovely wife doesn't really understand my love and passion for sneakers, but my kids love it, and we argue sometimes about the space my passion takes in our own bedroom, you see right now I'm sitting on my bed and I can see several boxes of shoes on the top of my wardrobe and on the floor, but not any shoes here, Nike Air Maxim 1 edition 2009, Adidas TMac player sample edition 2008, Air Jordan XI Space Jam Edition, Nike Air Force 1 Black History Edition, and something like 15 other boxes spread all over the room.

But now I'm in the hunt for some new models to add to my collection and after my last trip to the Nike Town store in London, I'm torn between two 2010 editions: Jordan Wade 2010 Welcome home and the latest Nike Zoom Kobe V.
Tough choice here considering the success these two models have right now on the market, the Wade Welcome Edition is pretty hard to find because of his exclusivity and appeal, and the Zoom V has been produced on so many different editions that it's hard to pick one model over another one (2010 Finals vs 2010 Team USA).

I tried a Zoom V model 3 weeks ago in Footlocker (Southampton) and although I found it sexy and classy, I couldn't see myself playing with them at all, you see I've got fragile ankles since I broke both of them in some freaky accidents over the years and low models are not always my first choice to play basketball with. But this is Kobe Bryant personal design, which make this model pretty special.

The Wade Welcome Home Edition looks just fantastic and when you love shoes as I do, you have to own one of them (and be prepared to spend around £180).
Michael Jordan choice to make Dwayne Wade the face of his brand was a great move and on the marketing side a genius move. Wade has been for the past 7 years on of the most loved and recognised played in the NBA and the success he brought to Converse made him the perfect choice to lead Jordan Brand to another level. The Jordan 2010 model is such a great and unique example of how far the Jordan brand is prepare to go to explore new level in design and technology to produce rare and exclusive shoes. It is amazing to think that no matter how much Nike and Adidas spend on shoes design and development or players shoes deals, Jordan shoes were and are still the one we all want to wear.

Ok let's get back to my dilemma. You see I thought about asking my wife for some help here, but as you know now she isn't really into sneakers collection and my kids will probably make sure that I bought any shoes in the store no matter the price (spoiled kids), I thought about asking some of my workmate, like Bajabber, but trust me sneakers isn't part of his vocabulary at all and Tom (or Thomas) is more an outdoor 'green' dude and probably never heard about Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose or John Wall.

Right now, my choice is to get a 2010 Wade Welcome Home Edition or a Team USA Edition (not release yet). What do you think guys?

Nike Zoom 'Kobe' V or 2010 Wade Welcome Home Edition....



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