Well, if you have some spare time during the day, at work or home, and want to enjoy some good and funny reading, nice photos, useful technical advice or just surf randomly on the net, have a look at my workmate Blog: BAJABBER
It's new, clever and quite unique. I'm sure most of you out there will just love it.

Right now, BAJABBER is in a state of "ShortBread" ride, as he is locking to his next recipe called Millionaire Shortbread,  then if you want to try it too, just let me how it taste, because I'm not courageous enough to try it myself.

Now we just have to wait for the other part of our work triplet, Mr. Tom (Thomas should I said) Dring, to develop his own webspace (Blog) to showcase his sailing and cycling skills all over the World Wide Web. Come on Tom....

Well, as you can see, I'm back online after more than a year in hibernation (was await try to change the world, again...) and hopefully, this time, I will take care of my Blog and make sure that thePeaceBlogger will stay connected for a longer period.

Take care and see you all soon...



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