Happy New Year 2009

So it is time to finally wish everyone an HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2009. First a quick apology to have forgotten about my blog in the past few weeks, but Christmas was my kids time and I made sure to be there with them as much as possible (I think everyone will understand).
Well now it's time to list my new year resolutions (have to think about that...) and try to stick to them, like :

  • Listening my kids
  • Helping at home
  • Publishing 1 or 2 post a week
  • And.....Well will have to think about the rest later....
Anyway, if you have any ideas or advice for me, don't hesitate to mail me, until then Happy New Year 09.


January 6, 2009 at 8:50 AM Anonymous said...

Happy New year Mon ami. How about gong up 6 places in the dream team?


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