United Nations in Africa : A book to read...

I had the privilege last week to meet Mr Medard Nze-Ekome, 1st Counsellor at the Embassy of the Republic of Gabon in the United Kingdom to speak about several project to promote and advertise positively our country in relation to business partners and public relations in England and later in Europe.

As a diplomat and an academic writer, Nze-Ekome is well know since the publication of his book last year about the role of the UN in Africa (Le role et la contribution de l'ONU dans la resolution des conflits en Afrique: Cas de l'Afrique Centrale) which try to explain the crucial role played by the UN in the process to maintain peace and safety in Central Africa.

The topic is definitely an interesting one and with several crisis rising in DR Congo, Zimbabwe Sudan or elsewhere, an actual one too. Africa in the past 15 years and still today has been a place where "les casques bleus" will always been welcome to stand for peace, freedom or just to give hopeless people a chance to get a better future.

I did not read the book yet, but plan to do it as soon as possible.




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