The Sarah Palin impact....

Before the US Republican convention 2 weeks ago, I never heard about Gov. Sarah Palin and I'm probably not the only one in this case, but the amazing thing is that today her name is on everybody lips and her impact on the US politic arena has been huge...Really huge...

I mean Vice presidential choices are not supposed to make much a difference in a presidential election (except if the choise would have been Hillary R. Clinton), but Sarah Palin's impact is undeniable and extremely large. Twelve days ago, presidential election futures markets indicated that Senator Barack Obama had a 62% probability of winning the election. Since last sunday, Obama's probability had fallen to 46.5%, with John McCain at 52.1%.

2 weeks ago, Barack Obama was the media superstar and the main searched political term on the web, today, he is second on the list; Sarah Palin is number one. Last July, Sara Palin Wilkipedia page was edited 22 times. Since the convention : 6.500 times.... (Her Wikipedia page was, in fact, the most read article on the site for the entire month of August with nearly 1.2 million readers in just 36 hours following the announcement).

The worst story of the day is about Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a personal friend and prominent backer of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and a member of the committee that helped draft the Democratic Party’s platform, announced on Wednesday that while she intended to keep her party affiliation, she would not be voting for Senator Barack Obama.

For months, Ms. De Rothschild been signalling her displeasure with Mr. Obama. In June, she told The New York Times that she could not “fall in line,” behind the Democratic nominee.

And though she acknowledged that she and Mr. McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin “disagree on some issues,” Ms. De Rothschild declared: “I love Sarah Palin,” adding, “I think she’s pretty cool.”

How can Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama, no longer the shiny new object in American politics, recapture his "mojo", some worried liberals are asking. For Republican nominee John McCain, the feisty, charismatic Alaska governor has fulfilled his fondest wish: to inject a little star power into his own campaign and give his ticket a fighting chance in an otherwise dreadful year for the GOP.

Well time for me to check Sarah Palin profil on Wikipedia now......



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