Marathon Man.....

I took a strong decision today: my next challenge will be to run a MARATHON.....

2 weeks ago I was watching TV home with my kids and turned on BBC1 to watch the London Marathon and I was just amaze by this event. Obviously I'm not talking about the professional race but about the other race, the race where thousand of people were running to support charities around UK and the world, about the race where people came there to challenge themselves and were so proud to find the courage to do it, about the race where people were sending a strong message around the world, a message of humility, faith and freedom, the freedom to be there no matter the pain or the inexistent world ranking, to do something special and by this act maybe help people less fortunate.

Well it was a great day that Sunday and I don’t know why but suddenly I said to my boys and their mum, that during summer I will prepare myself to run a marathon this year (New York) or next year (London…).

I really don’t know if I can even run for 5 miles, then what about 26,385 miles...But I will do it, no matter how hard it would be especially on my knees, but I will do it….

How I will do it, I’ve got no idea about that, but with the help on my 2 boys we will find a way to transform me from a 5’8 / 220 pounds pizza dude to a ripped and strong marathon runner.

The only question is: How long it gone take?

Keep in touch…..


April 21, 2008 at 3:36 PM jmlee said...

Mouais faut voir...Mais bon je t'attends à l'arrivée je préfére... LOL


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