I don't like golf or should I say I don't understand golf, it's to slow for me. Even when I tried last night the last Tiger Woods 08 game on PS3, it took me just 5 minutes to find it really boring and switch to NBA Live 08....

But you know what I love Tiger Woods, I really admire him as a player and how week in week out he's establishing himself not just at the best golf player ever but probably as one of the best athletes the world never seen, but more than that I have a great amount of respect for the man he is and his amazing work on charity through his foundation (The Tiger Woods Foundation) created in 1996 with his late father Earl Woods.

In the past 12 years Tiger Woods and his father did an amazing works on helping disadvantaged children become better people by developing program like the Start Something Character Development Program (over 1 millions participants last year).
Since 1996, his foundation touched more then 10 millions young people and he personally donate around $30 millions in scholarships and grants.

Then in 2006 Tiger Woods opened The Tiger Woods Learning Center , which is a 35,000-square-foot, 14-acre education facility located in Orange County, CA. Programs at the TWLC were created by kids and for kids. They are designed to take young people beyond their normal classroom experience through a unique after-school curriculum focused on career exploration and preparation.in Anaheim, California.
Members can choose from over 50 different courses in careers such as Marine Biology, Forensic Science, Environmental Integrity, Aerospace Rocketry, Biotechnology and Business Entrepreneurship. This special curriculum for students in grades 5-12 provides opportunities to learn about careers through technology and hands-on projects.

I know most people expect him to win the grand slam this year, starting by the Masters in a few weeks, but for me what make this man such an incredible person is the fact that no matter how hard he works on his game to raise the level each day higher, he make sure that he will do the same thing on his charity work, how many millionaires athletes do you know who already have given over $30 millions to help other and specially children, just ask yourself the question, how many?



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