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I am just coming to terms with how masterful and brilliant Apple is with their marketing.

Since last night (UK Time) everyone knows that specs upgrade isn’t radical, that the design hasn’t change at all (same old iPhone 4), or that the new IOS5 may not be as special as everyone wants it to be (mostly the disappointed one). But one thing that Apple realizes is that Android is like a spider web flooding the smartphone market every week with a new device to increase their market share. The hardware is totally awesome (as usual) but it will be out-dated in a few months.

So Apple goes ahead and takes the exact opposite approach. They give you something that may not be the pinnacle of cutting edge tech, but it still comes close. It is unique, comes from one source, and it isn’t a clone with different skins running on a various scale of hardware sets. All of these things may have value for many people, but there is absolutely nothing to differentiate itself from the next “Droid phones” that comes down the pipe, except for minors variations.

The people at Cupertino have opted to take a more practical approach to their product cycles while capitalizing on their unique branding which can’t be found anywhere else (that’s a fact). Call it pulling a rabbit out of the hat, but they give you ultimate magic.

Reading and listening to business and technology analysts today on those nasty Wall Street programs and others blogs, I was pleasantly surprised to hear or read that most of them (if not all) are quite happy with what the iPhone 4S will offer.

Surprise!!! Not really, just keep in mind that Apple has just barely caught up with the huge demand for the iPhone 4 in the past few weeks, in a market where they’re currently selling it… And the demand, following the iPhone 4S release next week, will just grow to another level with Christmas just around the corner…

But more importantly, from a business point of view, they can now continue to add markets shares (NEERG will disagree on that), increase production to catch up with demand from existing and new markets, that they will continue to add at a faster pace than if they had gone with a complete new hardware refresh (iPhone 5)...

Makes sense to me.

More important, the new features (iCloud | iCards | iTunes Match | Siri | IOS 5 | A5 Chip) will have everyone buzzing about it and the competition racing to try to copy it or develop something similar.  Sales will continue well beyond the estimates of the two or three thousands Writers-Bloggers-Geeks-Idiots who are disappointed today.

But Bloggers and analysts alike may be reminded that they are as wrong about the iPhone 4S as they were about the iPad and the iPad 2 and the iPhone 3GS and the MacBook Air…..



July 11, 2012 at 6:31 AM Anonymous said...

what about apple using child labour in china to produce there products


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