~ My 10 Favorites Thing ~

Surfing the net today, I stopped by a really cool and colorful Blog call : Someday I'll get there... (I highly advice the visit) and I couldn't help myself to use some of her idea to talk a little bit about me (finally...) by just telling you about my 10 favorites thing :

1. Favorite Sport : Basketball, I'm a huge NBA fan and just love the game. For me any sunny week-end mean playground game with friends or playing with my boys on their hoop in the garden.

2. Favorite Shoes : Jordan Brand. I'm a sneakers collector and just love buying vintage Jordan or other brand and just stock them in my room or somewhere around. I've got some shoes since 2004 that I never wore (That's sound crazy...).

3. Favorite place to visit : New York, been there several time and just love it, I mean is there a city in the world more exiting and appealing as NYC!

4. Favorite place to live : Libreville (Gabon)

5. Favorite TV program : Right now I'm really in 24 and Lost, I recently watched all the previous Lost season just to keep up with the last one and man.....I like Fringe (on Sky) and Heroes, but most of the time when I'm home I'm watching sports...sports....

6. Favorite car : Well I had to sale my last one to buy a house (BMW 528i) and I still haven't decided on my new one : New Range Rover Sport or Lexus GS Hybrid. Will probably decide on this pretty soon (hopefully). Until that day my partner red Polo will do the job...

7. Favorite Music : Rap, R&B and African Music, I listen a lot of Nas, Lil Wayne, JayZ, Eminem, Chris Brown.... I like some British stuff too, like Take That, Lily Allen or some old Beatles songs.

8. Favorite holiday spot : Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Mauritius Island, Venice Beach (the basketball ground...), Capetown, Cannes...

9. Favorite sport Team : Manchester United, Miami Heat, Dallas Cowboys, The NY Yankees, Olympique de Marseille, Houston Rockets, UNC, Nzimba Kaya...

10. Favorite Thing to do in my Free Time : My free time is always about spending quality time with my 2 boys and their Mum.



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