No better place to work than IBM...

For the past 3 years I've been working for IBM UK (in England) and it's great.
I mean I'm not really working for IBM...Because as a contractor I do not benefit from any IBM employee privilege, yes I've got the IBM badge, the IBM laptop, a big desk and the freedom to work home when it's necessary, but that's it. No company car, no company mobile phone (don't care, got an 3G IPhone), no IBM pension scheme, no IBM free voucher for Marks & Spencer (hahahahaha) and specially no IBM salary (hard to take this one...), and when most of my friends think I'm wealthy because I've got an IBM badge, they should know that some of them make more then me as a skilled factory worker....Incredible no....

Anyway this was just an introduction to the topic of this post which is somewhere link to IBM or more specifically to my IBM workplace. Today on my way to the canteen, I went across the most unbelievable and funny department in the building : The IBM Well-being Services

According to the IBM internal website, "IBM has a rich history of respect for the health and well-being of its employees that dates back to the very beginning of the company", and it's probably true, but I can't stop to laugh about it....

I guess now I just have to give them a call everytime I feel sad or tired and should send them a list of all the issue which affect my daily well-being at my office (some of them below):

My chair hurts my back (sometime)
My desk is not big enough (just kidding)
My laptop is to slow
The food in the canteen is always the same and really expensive
The Air con. always works in winter and never in summer (not kidding)
Have to set-up my voicemail everyday (just awful)
Everybody around me smoke and drink (I don't, well...sometime...)
Summer in the UK it's raining time (not kidding)
The company bus is always late
When can I get an IBM salary please? (would help pay my bills...)

As you see life can be tough and pretty tense as an IBM contractor, but since I know that there's a Well-being services in the building and that their responsibility is to make my working day better, I just feel good, really good....

....Hooo nooo, just drop some coffee on my laptop...sorry guys...I need to call the Well-being services to calm me down a little bit.....


Have a good week-end and enjoy the 2008 Beijing Olympics



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